10 Surprising Benefits Of Same Day Crowns

Published by Cashion Dental on May 4, 2015


Same Day Crowns

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Crowns. When you hear that dreaded word uttered from your dentist, you are bolting toward the office door the moment he turns his back to grab the suction tool. You never want to hear about getting crowns. It isn’t about how painful the procedure will be (okay, at least that is only part of the reason), it is the fact that getting traditional crowns can take days or even weeks. Then you end up going home with your lip feeling like a sleeping bulldog as you drip saliva over your steak and smashed potatoes in the blender with the kids make blubbering noises in laughter.

Yet there is hope for you to get the crowns you need without ticking off the boss for taking so many days off from your clients or drooling from your numb lips. Your dentist in College Station, TX may offer crowns during a same-day procedure without the fuss of having to schedule multiple appointments. Check out the 10 surprising benefits to getting same day crowns.

Allows For Simple Restorations

Most people forgo crowns for simple problems, and who can blame them? Why get crowns for only a slightly damaged or weak tooth. All you have to do is avoid eating on that side of your mouth or chewing hard things for the rest of your life. That is so simple to do. Right? Well, getting crowns all in one day is perfect for you when you don’t require a ton of work on your teeth. You can get simple restorations if you have a missing filling that is too large to fill or a broken tooth.


Really, it only takes an hour or two to get the crown. Just pause your Candy Crush game and you will be getting back to exploding the sweet stuff in no time. While you could probably go back to the office after the appointment, just let your boss think that you are getting the traditional method and duck out of the office to visit the beach or get in a game of golf. Only make sure before you slack off that you don’t visit any place where your boss may go on his lunch break, or your cover will be blown.

No Temporary Crowns

One of the annoying things about getting traditional crowns was the temporary ones that were placed on the teeth. They were uncomfortable, looked unsightly and just were annoying to have in your mouth. Not only that, but they were constant reminders that you would have to go right back into the dentist’s chair to get the real things in a few weeks. Might as well just opt for getting the same-day procedure and not have to worry about the temporary ones.


There is really nothing different when it comes to traditional crowns and same-day ones when it comes to strength and durability. They are both carved from ceramic blocks that will make the crown look like a real tooth and will work the same way so long as you give it the care and cleaning it needs. You’ll be back to eating and smiling during those romantic blind dates…OR…hanging out with the guys, eating pizza and shouting at the television, in no time.

Fast Scans

Psst! Want to know how they can do same day crowns? It involves a digital camera taking a three-dimensional picture of the tooth. Then the dentist adds the right modifications, and that tooth image is sent to a milling machine located in the office to create the porcelain crown. It’s that fast. The traditional method involved the dentist sending an impression to the lab where a room filled with cavemen chiseled out the crown by hand. That is why it took so long. Of course, we are kidding about the traditional method. Maybe.


When it comes to getting crowns, the dentist has to drill the tooth down so that the new crown can be placed on. The traditional method usually meant that most of the tooth would be gone. For same-day crown procedures, more of the original tooth can be preserved for the crown. Which means there is less drilling, and everybody loves to hear that phrase when knowing there won’t be the high-pitched squeals of that dental instrument going on and on inside the mouth.

No Messy Silicone Impressions

Ugh. Silicone impressions have to be the grossest thing to deal with as that gunky tray placed into the mouth as you felt like a duck with a warped bill. Also, you have to keep your mouth open while the dentist asks you everyday questions, and you just grunt in response like you are actually taking part in an intelligent conversation.


Okay, let’s down to money business. Same day crowns cost about the same as traditional crowns. There you have it. Usually, the dentist will charge about the same to stay competitive against other dental offices. There might be a few dentists that charge more to pay for the equipment. But often the dentist will take on the costs knowing that the equipment will pay for itself when getting more people to go for this procedure.

Natural-Looking Restorations

Okay, we will tell you the truth. Crowns that are made the same day will look as natural as possible to the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Traditional crowns will do the same, and will actually look even more detailed. So if you are into looks, you have to decide which type of crowns you will get. Just keep in mind that both types of crowns will look the same dirty brown color after you down your sixteenth mocha latte coffee in one hour if you don’t take the proper oral care to tackle the stains.

More Control Over The End Result

One of the positive benefits in getting the crown in one day is that both you and the dentist has more say on what the crown will look like during the end result. Often, you can see the crown image on the computer while the scan is performed. Then the dentist can make the modifications until the crown is exactly how he wants it to be before sending the modifications to the milling machine. A traditional lab will take the silicone cast and make an image of what the crown will look like. Then the lab sends the image to the dentist for approval. After that, it is out of the dentist’s hands. The crown is made and sent to him as he has to accept the way it looks and fits, unless it causes too much discomfort for the patient where a new cast has to be made.