4 Reasons To Get Same Day Crowns

Published by Cashion Dental on November 23, 2014

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At Cashion Dental, we find more people are getting services such as our same day crowns for their dental needs. There are many benefits to getting crowns on the same day in addition to having straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Here are 4 reasons why you may want to decide to get this dental procedure.

1. Normally Costs The Same As Traditional Crowns

If you think that getting same-day speedy dental service costs an arm and a leg, think again. We offer crowns on the same day you come in for your dental appointment without any extra fees and charges. Many dentists offer affordable and competitive pricing for dental work because of our state-of-the-art technology and software. It cuts down on our costs as we can pass the savings onto our clients.

At Cashion Dental, we accept most major dental insurance. So you will see even more savings that you won’t have to pay out of your own pocket. If, for some reason, the insurance company will not cover the costs of your dental procedure, our staff will help you find other financial options that fit into your budget.

2: Less Disruption To Your Daily Life

When you decide to get invisible braces or same day crowns, we try to make the best arrangements so that it causes less of a disruption to your daily lifestyle. Most people don’t have time to skip out on two days worth of work, or spend the entire weekend in the dental chair. Getting same day procedures makes it more convenient for you as you can quickly recover from the procedure and get back to your normal routine.

3: Are The Same Quality As Traditional Crowns

You may have shied away from getting these crowns because you may think they are of lesser quality than traditional crowns. Yet Cashion Dental’s same day crowns are made from the similar durable ceramic materials as traditional crowns. Your porcelain crowns will function well and look beautiful as the crowns will last for years with the proper routine dental maintenance.

4: Maintenance Is The Same As For Your Regular Teeth

Getting crowns the same day does not require any unique dental maintenance. You need to do the same oral health routine as you would to your normal teeth by performing regular brushing and flossing. You should also set up regular appointments so we can evaluate the crowns and ensure there are no existing or future problems.

Here at Cashion Dental, we will also give you additional information based on your dental health history about how to take care of the crowns so your teeth stay healthy. We will immediately address problems and give follow-up advice so you have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Same-day procedures aren’t suited for everyone. Always speak with the helpful staff at Cashion Dental for further information about these dental procedures.