5 Things to Expect When Getting Same Day Crowns Installed for Dental Improvements

Published by Cashion Dental on March 10, 2015

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Whether it is from a chipped tooth or a painful root canal, there are many instances in which faster is better in the dental world. When it comes down to it, finding a solution for your dental concerns that can take place right away is going to make a big difference in your overall well being as well as your patients. With same day crowns, you can come in, get the improvements in no time, and be well on your way. Before you get started, though, there are a few things you need to know about these dental solutions.

#1: What is a dental crown?

Same day crowns are a type of crown added to the tooth. The crown of the tooth is the portion that is above the gums and exposed (it’s what you can see when looking into your mouth.) With this type of dental appliance, a fitting is placed over the top of the exposed tooth, covering it. This is generally cemented in place as a permanent solution.

#2: It can protect a weak tooth

One of the main reasons for obtaining a crown is because it can help to protect a weak tooth from further breakage. For example, if a tooth has decayed significantly, left untreated it could lead to significant damage and can even fall out. This type of structure is placed over the top of the tooth and holds the parts of the cracked tooth in place.

#3: There are many additional uses for them

In addition to protecting weakened teeth, these crowns can also work to support a large filling to ensure it remains in place. It can also help to cover up a dental implant or to hold a dental bridge in place. In some cases, it is also used as a way to cover up a misshapen tooth or to hide significant discoloration of a single tooth.

#4: They can be used on children as well

Crowns are not just for adults. They can also be used in children. Just as parents may seek out invisible braces for children, crowns can be a proactive solution for dental health in kids. In some cases, they can be used as a type of protection in a child that is at a high risk of suffering tooth decay. It can also help to save a tooth that is damaged.

#5: They can be cosmetic as well

With the availability of same day products, people can come in to improve their smile in no time when using these crowns. If you have teeth that are discolored or misshaped, you can improve that with this tool.

Overall same day crowns are a must have for anyone with problematic teeth who want a permanent solution. They are cost effective and durable, too.