Ask a College Station Dentist to Explain Sedation Dentistry

Published by Cashion Dental on May 7, 2014

[Posted on May 7th, 2014 by Cashion Dental]

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If you need to have a dental procedure and are afraid of what will happen, call a College Station dentist and ask them if sedation dentistry will help you get through the appointment. Many dental procedures take an hour or more to complete and can cause a patient to become frustrated, irritated and uncooperative. The fear of hearing drills or seeing and hearing certain noises can cause a patient to become nervous and unwilling to allow the dentist to complete the procedure. The solution to this problem is sedation dentistry.

Although considered to be controversial by some, sedation dentistry offers patients a solution to their fear of enduring a painful dental procedure. College Station dentists understand that no one wants to feel pain or be uncomfortable during a dental procedure. The fear of what is going to happen can cause a patient to cancel their visit for fear of being hurt in some way.

Sedation dentistry gives the patient an option that relaxes and calms them down so procedures are not so intimidating. This option also allows the dentist to do his job without fear of the patient becoming uncooperative or combative. When a patient is under sedation, procedures can move along much faster than if the patient is awake and constantly tries to move or work against the dentist.

A College Station dentist  can explain in great detail what will happen during a procedure in which sedation is offered. A patient who is offered the sedation option must be evaluated to determine if the medication used to put them under is safe. If they are approved for sedation, the doctor will set up a time and date for the procedure and prescribe a mild sedative that the patient will pick up and take an hour or so before they are to appear for their appointment.

Once the patient is taken back, they are put in a chair and allowed to relax while the preparations are made. A College Station dentist will make sure the sedation medication has taken effect and begin the procedure. After the work is finished, the patient will be allowed to remain in the chair until they begin to wake up from the procedure. For patients who were given stronger forms of anesthesia, it may take them longer to wake up and begin to regain their composure.

When the patient is fully awake, a dental hygienist will assess their condition and provide them with any after care instructions that have been designated by the dentist. A dentist who uses sedation dentistry will their patients get through the most difficult of dental procedures. Patients who use dentists who accommodate their fears are more likely to submit to procedures they need in a timely manner without waiting until they are in extreme pain.