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Published by Cashion Dental on January 9, 2014

[Posted on January 9th, 2014 by Cashion Dental]

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As a leading dentist in College Station, TX, the staff of trained professionals at Cashion Dental is here to make your dental care as simple and painless as possible. We offer a full range of services to meet any and all oral care needs. The majority of our clients visit us on a bi-monthly basis for routine checkups. We highly recommend this system as it ensure your dental health and allows our team to identify problems with your teeth far in advance and allows you too avoid expensive and painful problems like cavities, root canals, and more. For our older clients, we also provide services to handle composite fillings, crowns, implant maintenance, veneers, bridges, root canal therapy, extractions and custom full or partial dentures. For more intensive procedures we also provide X-Ray screenings, nitrous oxide sedation, and oral conscious sedation, which is also known as a numbing agent to reduce pain and discomfort during more invasive procedures. Make us your dentist in College Station to experience the many amazing benefits of proper dental care.


For patients with major dental removals, cavities, and more, dentures provide an excellent solution for maintaining a positive self and public image. The procedure begins by taking an X-Ray of your jaw and teeth to identify any potential problems that need to be addressed before creation of your dentures. After this, a mold is taken of your teeth, so that our team has a base off which to create your set of custom dentures. As your dentist in College Station, TX, we realize the importance of having oral apparatuses like dentures that look and feel like the real thing. We use the state of the art in dental reconstruction practices to create lifelike sets of replacement teeth. The teeth are made of an innovative material that allows them to be used just like your natural teeth. After molding, your dentures will be specially crafted to fit your jaw type perfectly. Using common bonding agents like Poligrip, your dentures will adhere to your gums and perform just like your old teeth. You can feel free to eat or drink anything you like without fear of malfunction or embarrassment. Another great benefit to using dentures is allowing your mouth to operate normally when speaking, which restores proper pronunciation of words when speaking.


When you make Cashion Dental your dentist in College Station, TX, we can also consult you about major dental modifications like crowns. A crown is a dental special type or tooth correction that is used to prevent a decaying tooth from completely falling apart. Crowns are typically made from either porcelain or gold. Gold is a material that last longer and has a similar durability to tooth enamel. For this reason, gold is often used for molars and bicuspids, especially considering that these teeth are far less visible to the public. Porcelain is used in from teeth because they are not used for mashing, and can therefore be made of a finer and more attractive substance.

If you need a dentist in College Station, TX, then come and make an appointment at Cashion Dental today!