Cashion Dental Acquires Solea Dental Laser

Published by Cashion Dental on June 12, 2018

Local dentist becomes first in Brazos Valley to offer 100% pain-free procedures.

Most people hate going to the dentist. Solea dental lasers are poised to change all that. And now, local dentist Christopher Cashion has become the first in the Brazos Valley to train in, certify with, and invest in this technology.

Solea lasers make dental drills obsolete by offering a way for dentists to cut into teeth, gums, and bones without causing any pain. They are also noise-free, and allow procedures to be performed quickly, without any anesthesia. Procedures which once required multiple visits now require just a single visit. For example, Solea can allow a dentist to address multiple cavities in a matter of minutes.

Patients who benefit from Solea procedures can go back to work or school directly after their visit with the dentist. They can even eat and drink normally. The technology is safe for children and pregnant women.

Cashion Dental purchased and installed the laser earlier this year.

“We are excited to add the Solea dental laser to our cutting-edge practice,” says Cashion. “Solea eliminates two major sources of patient anxiety: pain and lost time due to anesthesia. They sure don’t miss the sound of the drilling, either. We will always strive to provide excellent dental care and to improve the patient experience, and Solea promises to do just that. This is why we made it a priority to invest in this technology.”

In the past, Cashion has invested in CEREC technology to help restore decayed teeth and damaged crowns. CEREC also helps Cashion place cosmetic veneers in a single visit. Solea is the next step in creating a space-age dental practice that offers patients an unparalleled standard of care.

To learn more about Solea technology, visit the patient info website at, or the manufacturer website at