Find College Station Dentists Who Use the Latest Technological Advancements

Published by Cashion Dental on January 30, 2013

[Posted on Jan 30]

When it comes to finding a great dentist, you may request recommendations from friends and family, and perhaps read consumer reviews posted online. Many people will visit the dental office’s website for more information about the services offered and to browse images of the office. Other common criteria individuals use to select a dentist includes the location of the office and whether or not the dental office accepts a particular insurance provider. While these are all important factors to consider, one other factor should be reviewed before you make your final decision, and that is the tools and equipment used by the dental office. The instruments used at each office can vary significantly, and there are good reasons why you want to obtain services from an office where the most advanced technology is being utilized. Cashion Dental’s College Station Dentists are leaders in utilizing the most modern technologies when it comes to dental care.

The Best Technology Available

Years ago, the basic dental cleaning service involved receiving oral x-rays in addition to the cleaning session. The cleaning involved the use of a tiny, hand-held mirror that was inevitably becoming wet with your own saliva and fogged over from your breath. The mirror allowed the hygienist and dentist to view your teeth and gums from all angles. While radiation-based x-rays and hand-held mirrors are still being used, some dentists have adopted the use of more advanced technology to provide patients with enhanced benefits. These new technological advancements used by Cashion Dental’s College Station Dentists include the use of digital radiography and intraoral cameras.

Digital Radiography

This is a type of digital x-ray that is being used in some dental facilities across the country, and because of its benefits, it is increasing in popularity. Like radiation-based x-rays, digital x-rays provide the dentist with the ability to view teeth, jaw bones, gums and other tissues in the x-ray images. They are most commonly used to identify the presence of cavities, but they may be used to determine the need for orthodontic treatment, bone loss related to disease of the gums, impacted teeth, or other related dental issues. Digital x-rays also use a minimal amount of radiation, so they are safer for the patient. In addition, the pictures developed can be recorded onto a computer, viewed by both the patient and dentist and saved for future reference. This provides the dentist with the ability to easily show the patient where problem areas are and to discuss treatment options in more detail.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are tiny, hand-held cameras that are inserted into the mouth during both routine and specialized treatments. They provide the dentist and hygienists with the ability to view images of the mouth within seconds, and they may commonly be used in addition to or to replace hand-held mirror instruments. Furthermore, they show the patient problem areas so that they may fully understand the condition of their mouth. The end result is that the dentist is able to offer patients more precise treatments for improved care.

There are many benefits associated with being treated by a dental office that uses the latest technological advancements in dental care. Many of the dental offices that utilize these tools advertise their use on the their website. In many cases you may simply need to take a few minutes to browse the websites of different dental offices to find the right dentist for your specific needs.