Dental Bonding Facts Worth Knowing

Published by Cashion Dental on April 25, 2021

Whether you accidentally chipped your front tooth after using your mouth to open a bag of chips or you’re just sick and tired of hiding your teeth when you smile, dental bonding in College Station, TX is the answer to these problems.


Tooth bonding is a dental cosmetic procedure that’s popular for concealing a cracked, chipped, misshapen, or discolored tooth. The procedure is one of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures in the industry because of its affordability. Tooth bonding is also relatively cheaper compared to veneers and crowns. 

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What to Know About Dental Bonding?


What is Teeth Bonding?


For tooth bonding, your cosmetic dentist will work with you to choose the shade of resin that’s closest to the color of your existing teeth. After choosing a shade, the dentist will prepare your tooth. A liquid will be applied over the tooth to allow the bonding agent to stick to it.


Next, the composite resin is placed on top of the liquid. The resin is sculpted and shaped, then hardened using ultraviolet light. 


How Should You Care for Your Newly Bonded Teeth?


What should you do after you’ve had a dental bonding procedure? To extend the lifespan of your bonded teeth, we recommend you religiously adhere to your oral care routine. Brush and floss your teeth daily – twice a day, to be exact.


Avoid biting your nails and stay away from hard and chewy foods as much as possible. These can break and chip your newly bonded teeth. For the next 48 hours after your dental bonding procedure, stay away from coffee and tea to avoid stains. 

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Do You Need Dental Bonding in College Station, TX?


If you want a confidence boost, you can benefit from dental bonding. This procedure is ideal if you’re worried about a minor tooth gap, a chipped tooth, or severe tooth discoloration. At Cashion Dental, our mission is to keep your mouth healthy and happy. Call us today to book an appointment