Ask a Dentist in College Station TX: What Can A Dentist Tell About Your Health

Published by Cashion Dental on July 3, 2013

[Posted on July 3rd, 2013 by Cashion Dental]

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Visiting a dentist in College Station TX can tell quite a bit about a person’s physical health. The condition of their teeth and gums are a direct reflection of how the rest of their body is functioning. In fact, yearly dental exams can help them uncover health problems they may not have realized they had.  For individuals who brush and floss their teeth regularly, changes in the condition of the teeth and gums will be apparent to their dental professionals.

*Diabetes – Dentists in College Station are quick to observe receding gumlines and abnormal conditions that appear in the mouth. Diabetes is a condition that will often make itself known through the mouth in its earliest stages. Bacterial infections are quite common in diabetics and show up frequently in individuals as various types of gum disease.

*Digestive Issues – People who have trouble digesting foods can also exhibit signs in their teeth. High levels of stress can cause digestive upset leading to an increase in stomach acid or the body’s inability to assimilate the nutrients it receives from food. Calcium is one of the first nutrients to be lost when a person’s digestive system becomes sluggish. Without adequate calcium, teeth become weak and can break or fall out.

*Eating Disorders – A dentist in College Station TX will often see a loss of tooth enamel in their teenage patients who suffer from eating disorders. For example, individuals who suffer from bulimia will have areas on their teeth where stomach acid has worn away large areas of enamel. Repeated vomiting allows excessive amounts of stomach acid to continually wash over the teeth, weakening their structure.

*Oral Cancer – A smoker’s mouth also acts as an indicator of their general health. Small sores and lesions that appear over time can be an early indicator of oral cancers. The same is true for individuals who use chewing tobacco or nicotine gums. A dentist in College Station TX will be able to look at lesions and determine if they are cancerous or not. Small sores can also be a result of Herpes simplex. A dentist will be able to distinguish between the two.

It is well known that proper oral health is important. Regular dental checkups help individuals stay on top of possible dental problems. The mouth is viewed as a barometer for the rest of the body as well. A dentist in College Station TX will be able to give you a thorough examination.and let you know if anything looks out of the ordinary in the terms of your general health. Preventative dental care not only protects a person’s mouth but also notifies them of a variety of other health issues.