October 6, 2015

Published by Cashion Dental on October 6, 2015

Published by Cashion Dental

Since 1999, Invisalign invisible braces have been used to straighten the teeth of over 2.5 million people worldwide and today, over 80,000 dentists are trained to provide some form of invisible braces. Some of the most important reasons for the popularity of this relatively new kind of braces include:

1. A More Natural Appearance

The clear acrylic trays used with Invisalign do away with the highly visible metal wires of traditional braces. From a distance, it is difficult to discern the presence of any braces at all, and even up close, the natural teeth show through.

2. Greater Comfort

Invisalign aligners work by exerting only gentle pressures on teeth, which, after gradually adjusting tooth positions over about a 12-month period, correct misaligned teeth with little to no pain. This is in stark contrast to the pressure of tightly-wound metal braces or of metal wires and brackets that painfully poke at the cheeks and gums.

3. Greater Convenience

Invisible braces are removable, allowing you to eat any foods you please, exercise and run in comfort, and brush and floss effectively. They must be worn for 20 hours a day, including while asleep, but a 4-hour, daily break from having braces in your mouth is a welcome convenience.

4. Fewer Trips to the Dentist

After an initial evaluation to take the X-rays and impressions needed to create the aligners, you only need to see the dentist every 6 weeks for a quick check-up to verify the braces are working properly. The whole set of aligners is manufactured at the commencement of treatment.