Should I Get Invisible Braces?

Published by Cashion Dental on June 14, 2016

Published by Cashion Dental June 14, 2016

Many people who could benefit from braces are afraid to get them because they’re embarrassed by the way those braces might appear. However, there’s no need to avoid braces any longer. Invisalign braces truly are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

We create your invisible braces by making a computer model of your mouth. You’re given a set of customized trays to gently bring your teeth into alignment. These trays are clear and fit right over your teeth. You wear them for 22 hours a day, and they don’t require any special hardware. Slip them off and on as needed. You can still eat all of your favorite foods and take them off to clean your teeth.

Most of the time, nobody will notice that you’re wearing invisible braces. They’re far more comfortable than traditional braces, and easier to maintain. Many patients see results in two months, even though a full course of Invisalign treatments lasts for up to one year.

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile. Ask about Invisalign and get your invisible braces today.