July 14, 2016

Published by Cashion Dental on July 14, 2016

Why Should I Opt for Same Day Crowns?

Same day crowns have revolutionized the procedure of installing dental crowns in patients with cracked, decayed, or otherwise badly damaged teeth. They have taken the “wait” out of the process and bring with them many other benefits as well. In a select few situations, traditional lab-made crowns may be preferable to same day crowns. For example, those who are given to constantly clenching their teeth might do better with gold crowns (the strongest, if also most visible, variety). In most cases, however, same day crowns are the better option.

Here are 3 reasons why: You save valuable time. Instead of two separate visits with 1 to 3 weeks between them while you wait for the dental lab to manufacture your crown, it all happens in one visit, and often, in only an hour or two. As an added “bonus,” no dental putty or temporary crowns will be involved. You get high-quality results. Your crowns will be custom-made and an extremely precise fit. They will also be made of strong, durable ceramic material that closely matches the color of your natural teeth. You won’t pay any extra. Most dentists charge about the same for same day crowns as lab-made because the cost of the high-tech equipment is offset by the savings on lab work. Also, most dental insurance covers same day crowns the same way as traditional.