The Perfect Solution for the Self-Conscious Patient – Invisible Braces

Published by Cashion Dental on August 6, 2014


[Posted on August 6th 2014 by Cashion Dental]
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Orthodontic braces seem a common rite of passage for many of America’s teenager. Even the super-chic Kardashian sisters’ glowing smiles were once filled with metal wires and rubber bands. However, orthodontic looks and materials have evolved drastically from those metal mouths of yesteryear with the nearly undetectable ‘same day crowns to nearly transparent orthodontia work. By seeking such options, adults especially, will not have to worry about the odd looks cast their way during business meetings or public outings. Braces are for all ages and dental needs.

Invisible braces can boost your confidence while straightening your smile!

Wondering if it’s worth a look? Take a peek below:

  1. Space Age material: Talk about innovation. Materials used in today’s ceramic braces happened to have a wonderful side benefit gleaned from our nation’s space programs. NASA’s science and research developed a product known as TPA (transparent polycyrstalline alumina). Used primarily in missile construction,orthodontia has now incorporated its engineered, steel-like integrity and its nearly translucent appearance, as well as its ultra-resistance to fracturing. The downsides can be that they are tooth-colored rather than completely clear and the little brackets bands can stain for those heavy coffee drinkers or smokers.
  2. Degrees of Invisibility: Among orthodontic options there are different types of clear braces. Of course, ceramic braces offer that very translucent quality, however for a true ‘invisible’ smile ask your dentist about monocrystalline sapphire braces. Perfect for those whose teeth could rival the most exquisite pearls, this material will not dull with dietary habits and are incredibly strong and durable.
  3. Invisible Dental Trays: Convenient, undetectable and less prone to pain from brackets and wires, these plastic removal trays align teeth through consecutive ‘fittings’. A series of numbered trays count down the visits until completion and will alleviate worries about the length of treatment. They must be worn 20 hours a day but patients who wear their trays the required time will see results quickly! A dentist or orthodontist can determine who is a good candidate for this particular treatment as it works well with those whose teeth are not severely crooked or issues with their bite.

Orthodontic work plays an important part in maintaining one’s good health and wellness. A crooked smile is more than just a nuisance or a cosmetic blight, it can actually interfere with chewing and create perfect hiding places for plaque build up that can eventually wreak havoc on your healthy smile. Invisible braces can help you achieve not only a more confident smile but can be a boost to your overall health.