Looking For a Dentist in College Station?

Published by Cashion Dental on December 27, 2013

[Posted on December 27th, 2013 by Cashion Dental]

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Finding a great dentist in College Station is easy; look no further than Cashion Dental. We offer awarding winning service and great rates that make us a leader in our area and the industry. We offer flexible payment plans and work with school and work schedules to get you in and out as fast as possible on a plan that works for you. We offer regular checkups, cavity filling and prevention services, information and braces and orthodontists, fillings, root canals, tooth removal, tooth whitening, enamel strengthening, tooth replacement, and many other services. Our customers remain loyal and in return we keep their mouth healthy and looking great.


As a leading Dentist in College Station, we offer rates competitive with the rest of the industry. It is hard to give an estimate until we know what needs to be done. Your prices will vary depending upon what procedures will need to be handled, especially if it has been a long time since your last visit to a dental professional. For many people cost may be a factor in avoiding visiting a dentist in College Station, but we have good news. Cashion Dental accepts dental insurance from all leading providers. This will cover much of your cost, and out of wallet expenses may be as cheap as twenty dollars. Even better is that many employers cover their employees automatically with their care package. You may already be covered and not realize it!


We are always accepting appointments call us today to schedule one. We usually have availability within the week. If an emergency arises, we will see walk-ins depending on how busy we are. Many people take the opportunity to schedule monthly or bi-monthly visits to stay in the best condition. With this type of scheduling, we will call or send a note as a friendly reminder to let you know when your next visit is.

In the meantime before you visit your dentist in College Station, Cashion Dental, stay consistent with brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly. We here at Cashion Dental care about your oral health and want you to know that when problems do pop up, we will be there to assist. In order to get the best service at Cashion Dental, be sure to let your dentist informed know your oral health and your physical health as well as any new drugs being taken. You should notify us of any irregular symptoms associated to oral care, including painful or sensitive teeth and gums, issues with eating or swallowing, or swelling in your jaw and mouth, or if you think that you have new cavities or sores. Call us or visit our website and schedule next appointment to improve your oral health and say hello to your new college station dentists!