Mouth to Mind, College Station Dentists Keep You Healthy

Published by Cashion Dental on December 11, 2012

[Posted on Dec 11]

College Station dentists use many techniques to keep your mouth in optimal condition — now it looks like they may be keeping your brain in great shape as well. Researchers have found a possible link between the health of your teeth and the health of your mind. According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers from Karlstad University, as well as the Karolinska Institute, have determined that cognitive function in the aging population is directly related to chewing ability.

People with dementia may have a hard time remembering names, events and experiences. Those suffering from dementia may have difficulty making decisions, taking care of personal needs and may seem disoriented. In this study of both males and females at least 77 years of age, researchers found that subjects with the ability to chew hard foods had significantly more cognitive function and less chance for dementia symptoms than those who could not properly chew.

The study did not find a significant difference between persons with natural, implanted or prosthetic teeth (dentures) — the main commonality was the person’s ability to chew hard food efficiently. Chewing is affected when a person has broken or missing teeth and pain or sensitivity when eating. College Station dentists can perform preventative dentistry or restorative procedures to ensure your ability to chew with ease.

New findings continually link dental health to other areas of concern in the human body. Continue to make regular dental appointments and follow your dentist’s recommended brushing and flossing schedule to ensure good overall health.