The Importance of Preventive Services from Your Dentist in College Station TX

Published by Cashion Dental on February 11, 2013

[Posted on Feb 10]

Dental work is oftentimes neglected for several reasons. Some families do not have dental insurance because it is often a separate plan from medical insurance and will cost additional income to add it on for each family member. As a result of this, families opt out of dental insurance and don’t visit the dentist themselves. Some patients simply don’t realize the importance of a dentist and believe that brushing their teeth once or twice a day is enough to avoid visiting the dentist for an annual or semi-annual exam. However, dentistry is an extremely important medical field that should be taken seriously, and it’s recommended that individuals see a Dentist in College Station TX twice a year, or at least once, to take preventive measures and be proactive with our teeth, gums, jaw and mouth overall.

Bi-annual Cleanings

Visiting a Dentist in College Station TX for your bi-annual cleaning will prevent having to return for more extensive procedures. A regular dental visit doesn’t have to be intimidating; scheduling a cleaning every six months will help you get a good, deep clean and remove tartar, plaque and other bacteria that can separate teeth from gums in time or do other serious damage. At these 30-minute cleanings, your teeth will be evaluated to see if there is anything that should be brought to a dentist’s attention. It’s better to avoid a problem by regularly taking care of your teeth or to catch a problem when it’s early to prevent it from spreading or becoming worse.

Restorative Procedures

There are consequences to avoiding a dentist until preventive services can no longer be administered. For example, if you’re experiencing symptoms like pain in the jaws, swollen cheeks, a swollen pouch in the gums called an “abscess,” cracking teeth or sensitivity, you could have a serious condition, like a tooth infection. Restorative procedures, like root canals, can stop these problems from becoming worse as soon as the symptoms, pain or discomfort arise. If measures aren’t taken, the tooth could begin to crack and fall apart on its own, or the pain might become unbearable as time goes on, leaving the dentist no choice but to extract it completely as it was too late to be saved.

Preventive Services

Preventive services, like having x-rays if something doesn’t look or feel normal, having your teeth cleaned professionally by a dental hygienist at least once a year, filling cavities or fixing chips and cracks may sound unnecessary, but they can keep problems from arising or problems from worsening. Sometimes we may not be able to sense that a problem exists, but these asymptomatic problems could be caught with a trip to the dentist’s office for a regularly scheduled cleaning. Other times, we may ignore symptoms or try to mask them with over-the-counter pain relievers and toothache gels – but the longer a condition within our teeth or gums is ignored, the less chance you have of recovering from it completely after receiving medical attention for it. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of regaining full functionality of that tooth or teeth.

If a tooth has to be extracted because it was not addressed soon enough, then dental implants, bridges or crowns may be needed to fill its place, which are costly procedures. Not only can preventive procedures help save the amount of natural teeth you have and their functions, but also save you plenty of money.

Preventive services aren’t complicated. A regular teeth cleaning every six months to a year is a “check-up” that will make sure everything is healthy in your teeth and gums to ensure you have the best smile you can possibly have with full functionality. Schedule a cleaning or consultation at your local dentist’s office today to become more proactive about your smile.