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Published by Cashion Dental on June 5, 2013

[Posted on June 5th, 2013 by Cashion Dental]

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Finding good College Station dentistsoffice is a bit like finding gold. It has the right combination of quality service, good scheduling, well-trained staff and dentistry, and affordable pricing. It’s ironic how many dentist offices don’t have this complete combination. However, if a patient is in the College Station, Texas area, Cashion Dental provides a perfect answer to all types of dental needs.

Patients at Cashion Dental will find themselves cared for by a professional team with a focus on customer service, friendly care, and professional dental treatment. Dr. Cashion places an emphasis on preventative maintenance as well as early corrective treatments, helping patients avoid far more drastic and costly responses to dental needs later on. Because of his professional direction and training, Cashion Dental patients are provided top-notch dental treatment that is both efficient as well as gentle and with as little discomfort as possible.  No wonder people choose Cashion Dental over other College Station dentists.

All patients are welcome at Cashion Dental regardless of age. Whether it’s  a child with her first dental visit, or a senior citizen with a 500th visit, our dental office is available to help and serve all with state-of-the-art equipment and resources as well as protections that make sure every patient is comfortable and safe. Because Cashion Dental focuses on emphasizing a calm environment, every patient immediately feels relaxed and calm.

Our preventative services put a great emphasis on patients being involved in their dental care as well. We teach our patients how to care for and maintain health gums as well as flossing of their teeth. Through cleaning, whitening, brushing and dietary advice, we provide patients a clear path on how to reverse dental damage and improve their teeth so that they last far longer than under other adverse conditions. This, surprisingly, is not a common practice among other College Station dentists or elsewhere. This knowledge which may seem like common sense at first, is often unclear for many patients and hard to understand in practice. With proper dentist instruction, a patient can help with regular daily cleaning, making a dentist’s job easier and protecting the patient’s teeth for a lot longer.

Cashion Dental is designed to serve and focus on families in College Station. This makes it easier for everyone to receive combined services in one location, especially with children. Growing children need regular dental care to make sure their teeth develop and grow properly. Failure to monitor their development can lead to serious dental problems quickly, especially as secondary permanent teeth come through into their final positions.

So, if you’re looking far and wide for a dentist in College Station, TX, then you don’t need to look any further than Cashion Dental. With professional, expert College Station dentists on staff and a well-trained support staff, patients won’t have any worries or problems with Cashion Dental. In fact, many will find their service received such a high quality, they will easily refer Cashion to others like the worst-kept secret of the modern century.