Same Day Crowns Now Provided by Cashion Dental in College Station, Texas

Published by Cashion Dental on November 11, 2014

[Posted on November 11th, 2014 by Cashion Dental]

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How do the patients at Cashion Dental know their dental service staff cares about them? Patients have come to know the outstanding service and care they receive during every visit with their dental care team. The staff are always prepared and informed on the newest dental technologies to offer their patients, like

    1. Cashion Dental has established customized, strategic goals for their patients, beginning with basic healthy teeth and gums.
    2. The dentists and professional staff at Cashion Dental are intent on helping their clients maintain their beautiful smiles and healthy mouths by using preventative dental service methods.
    3. In addition to excellent patient service and care, Cashion Dental attentively caters to patients with dental anxiety using sedative dentistry techniques, and by helping patients feel comfortable and relaxed during every procedure.

    What are the benefits of same day crowns?

    Best technology available:

    Using the newest technology makes same-day crowns possible without the old-fashioned lengthy process that once required several dental appointments to complete crown placement. Whether a patient needs a first-time crown or a replacement, patients are very busy and just cannot have missing or damaged teeth for days or weeks. It’s fortunate that Cashion Dental offers a same-day crown process to service their patients quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

    In just one visit, the dentist and professional staff prepares the damaged tooth for a new crown. All signs of decay are removed, and the tooth is gently shaped. A messy and uncomfortable tooth impression is no longer necessary because Cashion Dental uses specific dental materials that are applied directly to the tooth and a digital image is taken of  tooth contours.

    All work is Completed In the Office:

    The state-of-the-art new CEREC system creates a new image and sends it to a computer screen within the office, then the dental computer software designs the new crown. A design blueprint of the patient’s new tooth is sent to a technological device called a milling machine. In about twenty minutes the new crown is ready.

    Before bonding the new crown over the damaged tooth, the dentist checks to be sure it’s a perfect fit. This hassle free process leads to beautiful results and each patient is delighted with their new same-day crowns.

    The Invisaline Difference:

    Another dental procedure that Cashion Dental has applied new advances for patient comfort are technology advanced invisible braces. There are several advantages to Invisalign braces over metal braces, for example:

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