The 10 Astonishing Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Published by Cashion Dental on July 21, 2015

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If you have got a scheduled visit to the dentist and you are going to get a crown, you should opt for the same day crowns option. They offer you with plenty of benefits, whilst you get the benefit of less pain and not having to take days off from your job and pissing off your boss. A good dentist will also recommend same day crowns for you, since they are easier to manage and the procedure is simple enough. So check out the 10 astonishing benefits of same day crowns:

1.     Get Simple Restorations

A lot of people get crowns for fairly simple problems, but that can easily be solved with the help of the same day crown. Now you won’t have to make multiple visits to the dentist, which can be extremely frustrating. You will not require much work done on your teeth, and it works for amazing transformations.

2.     Convenience

One of the biggest plus points of the same day crown benefit is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to be done. Everything will be done within minutes and you will not have to spend half the day in the dentist’s chair to get your teeth fixed. You won’t even have to ask your boss to give you a break, since you can visit the dentist during your lunch hours, and get some same day crows easily.

3.     No temporary Crowns

The most annoying thing about getting crowns was the fact that they were temporary and they not only looked unsightly but they were uncomfortable and made me annoying when whenever, I got home mom would tell me to finish my meals. With the same day crowns, you will no longer have to worry about the temporary crowns and their effects on people.

4.     Durability

In terms of strength and durability there is not much difference between traditional crowns and same day crowns. The main problem will be that traditional crowns require a little bit more care and are not as durable as same day crowns. With same day crowns all you have to do is care for them, clean them when need be and eat anything that you want to eat.

5.     Fast Scans

Forget all about long waits in the dentist’s office, since when it comes to same day crowns you will get the fast scans delivered to you within hours. The image is quickly taken and then will be modified by the dentists to get a good view about your teeth and mouth.

6.     Preservation

With the same day crown procedure the original tooth can be preserved as opposed to the traditional method where the majority of the tooth had to be eliminated. This means that the dentist will not require more drilling into your tooth, and that is something that no one wants to be experiencing, not even the dentists.

7.     No Messy Silicone Impressions

One of the worst things to deal with is silicone impressions, and they are quite gross and messy as well. With the same day crowns you will never have to worry about impressions and what they will be like. But in hindsight, it is safe to say that yes, same day crowns are the best way to go about getting crowns.

8.     Affordability

Traditional crowns costs pretty much the same that same day crowns cost, but that is where the comparison ends. In terms of affordability in the long-term same day crowns are the best option. There are few dentists that will charge you a bit more money, but that will be for the equipment, and the overall cost of the crowns will be paid by the hospital and other people.

9.     Natural Looking Restorations

Crowns that are made on the same day have a greater chance of resembling your current teeth, than anything else. Traditional crowns will not be as detailed and if you are concerned about your looks then you should definitely focus on same-day crows. However, it is important to notice that it doesn’t matter what crowns to get but if you neglect them, you will lose them forever.

10.   More Controlled finished Result

One of the most common reasons why you should consider same day crowns is because of the fact that you will get better finishing with this particular option. You should probably discuss this in detail with your dentist and ask them to create a virtual image of your crows so that you can have a fair reflection on how the teeth are going to be looking after the surgery. After getting your approval the dentist will make any necessary adjustments that are required and will make modifications to the machine in order to make your same day crowns. You will be shown an image of the crown, by taking a silicone cast from the lab and it will be sent to the dentist for approval. The crown will then be made after making all the measurement and requirements.

Same day crowns are incredibly popular in the United States and you can definitely get your crowns fixed properly without having to worry about how you would look and the pain that you may suffer from your crowns. So check out these 10 astonishing benefits of same day crowns the next time you are going to visit the dentist.