The Many Reasons to Make Us Your College Station Dentists

Published by Cashion Dental on December 11, 2013

[Posted on December 11th, 2013 by Cashion Dental]

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Cashion Dental is your best choice in College Station dentists. There are many reasons to keep a healthy relationship with your dentist. Your oral health is vital to many aspects in life. Good teeth are very attractive to the opposite sex. A great smile could mean the difference between making your next sale at work or not. Last but not least, having a cavity could prevent you from enjoying life to its fullest by being in constant pain.


As College Station dentists, Cashion Dental has a great variety of services to keep you and your mouth happy. We have clients that visit us every three months because they value strong teeth and healthy gums. When you visit, we will give your teeth a thorough examination to check for plaque, tartar and cavity build up. We also use the latest in scanning and X-ray tech to look for tooth malformation, jaw issues, and to identify and stop potential future problems such as impacted wisdom teeth. After examination we will give your teeth a thorough cleaning and polishing. During this process we will also probe and identify any problems like cavities. We will also provide fill-ins for problem spots and caps to prevent future problems. If drilling or more invasive procedures are required to deal with issues such as bridges and root canals, we use high quality local anesthetic to keep our clients comfortable and prevent any pain. We also provide whitening upon request to keep your look its very best.

College Station dentists like Cashion Dental can also provide custom fixing procedures like professional tooth whitening, tooth capping, and dental bonds. Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to improve the look of your smile and greatly improve your self-confidence. People who have lived for years with tooth malformations, broken or missing teeth experience a silent pain and social stigma that can be easily resolved with simple dental corrections. Visit us today, and your life will be improved for the better at your College Station Dentist.


Between visits, we highly recommend brushing your teeth at least twice daily, flossing regularly, and using antiseptic mouthwash. We can recommend a variety of brands and specialty products to meet your individual needs. To keep teeth white and healthy looking, you should avoid smoking and coffee, which are known to cause staining and brown teeth. For those that have metal appliances such as retainers, braces, or metal barriers to prevent tooth slippage, tartar build up and plaque can be a major problem. People with these sort of mouth installations should use special eyehole flossing devices to threat floss between the appliance and the tooth. Call us today and schedule an appointment o get your mouth in the best shape of your life.