What Sets Cashion Dental Apart from other College Station Dentists?

Published by Cashion Dental on April 15, 2013

[Posted on April 15th, 2013]

There are a number of factors that set Cashion Dental apart from other dental practices in College Station. Cashion Dental offers excellent oral health care for children and adults. They work hard to provide outstanding care in a setting that is as comfortable as possible. Not only do their College Station Dentists provide preventative and general care using the latest techniques, they also provide a number of restorative and cosmetic procedures that aren’t available at other offices. Dr. Christopher Cashion is a graduate of Texas A&M University. He earned his DDS, or doctor of dental surgery, degree in 2003, graduating with honors. He opened his private practice in College Station in 2004.

Professional and Friendly Care

Dr. Cashion’s goal is to provide excellent, gentle dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. The office is built with state-of-the-art features and is warm and w[elcoming. The entire team of College Station Dentists are focused on providing professional, family-friendly care that is customized to each individual patient. They will provide thorough cleanings and solid oral hygiene education. The dental assistants are all certified. The administrative assistants are extremely knowledgeable in welcoming patients and helping patients deal with the insurance intricacies.

Patients of all ages are welcome at the office. Children can be seen as soon as their baby teeth start to come in. Whether someone is 13, 23 or 93, Cashion Dental can provide customized care.

Comfort is a Priority

Comfort is key to a good dental experience. Dr. Cashion understands that dental procedures can cause a lot of anxiety and fear, and he respects those feelings. For those patients who are very anxious or need to have longer procedures, oral sedation or nitrous oxide can be used to help with relaxation. X-rays are taken using a digital sensor instead of film, avoiding scratches on the gums. Intraoral cameras also help the team see the mouth and teeth more clearly, allowing faster, more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Cashion Dental makes preventative care a key part of dental treatment. In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, the team is able to do fluoride treatments, sealants, and nightguards. Scaling and root planning can help reduce bone loss and even tooth loss from severe gum disease.

Utilizes the Latest Technology

By using the latest instruments and equipment, they can offer a number of cosmetic and restorative services not available in other offices. They are experienced in doing composite fillings so that patients can avoid the silver amalgam fillings. Dr. Cashion is also able to repair damaged teeth with composite resin bondings. Whitening treatments and veneers, which are layers of porcelain, can be applied to teeth to help reduce or cover stains. More advanced treatments like root canals can be done in office. With the new CEREC Omnicam, crowns and implant restorations can even be prepared the same day. Bridges and dentures customized to each patient can also be prepared at the office. For patients who want to straighten their teeth without metal braces, the clear Invisalign treatment may be a good option. If extractions are needed, they will be done while keeping patients as comfortable as possible.

With all the services available, from routine care to sedation dentistry to crowns to enhanced cosmetic procedures, Cashion Dental is one of the most advanced dental offices in College Station.