Why You Should Choose Same Day Crowns

Published by Cashion Dental on May 3, 2021

A CEREC® crown, also known as a same day crown in College Station, is very similar to a traditional crownHowever, instead of waiting for weeks, you’ll only need a couple of hours This crown will be made in the clinic instead of a lab.  

After treating, preparing, and reshaping your teeth, your dentist will start making the crowns. A CAD/CAM system is used to make a personalized computerized impression of your mouth. The impression is taken to an in-office milling machine where the ceramic block is shaped and sculpted to form the crowns.  

dentist Same Day Crown College Station

What Are the Perks of Same Day Crowns?  

Realistic Looking  

Despite the difference in the time it takes to make the crowns, a sameday crown looks just as realistic as a traditional crown, thanks to a modern CAD/CAM system. This system can capture even the tiniest detail in the crevices and shape of your teeth. In other words, it’s more accurate than a physical impression.  

Faster Turnaround  

Before same day crowns were introduced, people had to wait weeks to get their permanent crowns placed. They were given temporary crowns while their permanent crowns were being prepared and fabricated in the lab.  

Today, thanks to advancements in modern technology, you only need to wait for a couple of hours to have your permanent crowns placed! All it takes to get your same day crown is a single appointment.  

dentist Same Day Crown College Station  

Do You Have More Questions About A Same Day Crown in College Station?  

If you have more questions about same day crowns that weren’t addressed here, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll answer your questions for you. At Cashion Dental, we’ll keep your mouth healthy and happy with our personalized dental treatments. Our team of dental health professionals is trained and skilled to cater to your needs. Call us today to book an appointment.