In order to keep your teeth healthy and looking great, it’s extremely important to take care of them with great oral hygiene. This goes beyond just consistently brushing your teeth. Getting a professional fluoride treatment will further protect your teeth from decay.

Fluoride Services
Fluoride Services
Fluoride Services

What is Fluoride?

While you might think of fluoride only as something that’s applied to your teeth, it’s actually a mineral that’s found naturally in your own teeth and bones, along with water, plants, and rocks. At Cashion Dental, we will use a topical fluoride after teeth cleaning to strengthen your enamel and improve your dental health.

Should You Get a Fluoride Treatment?

With fluoride typically found in drinking water and the availability of over-the-counter rinses, you might wonder why you should bother getting a professional fluoride treatment from the dentist. We use a much higher concentration solution that is able to be properly monitored for the best and safest results.

What are the Benefits of Fluoride?

When coupled with good oral hygiene, professional fluoride treatments are able to help safeguard your teeth from nasty decay and cavities, allowing you to have a healthy smile. Here are some other benefits you’ll experience:

  • Improves and maintains oral health
  • Helps prevent need for dental fillings
  • Saves money from expensive procedures

Are You Looking for Fluoride Treatment in College Station?

Even if you are regularly brushing your teeth, flossing, and using fluoride at home, coming in for a regular teeth cleaning and professional fluoride treatment provides a very useful boost to your oral health. A dentist is able to go beyond your daily routine and provide many added benefits. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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